[SNS Pic] Kim Tae Woo Reveals His Daughter on Twitter

On April 17, Kim Tae Woo posted on twitter, “Today marks the one year mark since my daughter was born. People worry when they hear that she looks like her dad, but she is getting pettier as she is growing up. Please pray for her to grow up to be a wonderful woman. Happy birthday, Kim So Yul. I love you.”

He added a photo of his daughter to this post. The revealed photo shows Kim Tae Woo’s daughter wearing a colorful hanbok and looking up. Her chubby cheeks and other facial features resemble Kim Tae Woo very much.

Netizens commented on Kim Tae Woo’s daughter’s picture, “Oh my god, she is too cute,” “She looks just like her daddy,” and “Wow, babies grow up so fast! She got so big.”