Ye Eun Performs Original Song “You’re In Me” with Indie Band Monni

Wonder GirlsYe Eun recently revealed her original song, “You’re In Me” during the filming of MBC Music “Picnic Live Sound, Scenery.” Ye Eun starred in this episode with indie band Monni and performed a collaborative stage at Jang Heung train station. Monni and Ye Eun practiced together for nearly a month before this perfomance and surprised everyone with their great on-stage chemistry and harmony. 

Ye Eun and Monni performed “You’re In Me,” the song Ye Eun composed on her own. “You’re In Me” is of the modern rock genre and sings about a smitten couple who just started falling in love with each other. This is the first duet song that Ye Eun’s ever written and Monni and Ye Eun’s great on-stage chemistry adds more sensibility to the song.

Originally “You’re In Me” was close to a pop ballad with a piano melody, but when Ye Eun played the song during a practice session with Monni, Monni added some final touches to the song, perfecting it with a modern rock style and richer sound. Monni’s vocal Kim Shin Ee expressed how pleasantly surprised he was when he first listened to Ye Eun’s “You’re In Me,” “When I first heard the demo version of the song, I couldn’t believe that Ye Eun actually wrote this song herself. I thought she’d be more of a performer than an artist, since she has that idol background, but she has great sensibility as a writer.”