Go Jun Hee’s Past Pictures Surface Online

Recently, actress Go Jun Hee‘s old photos surfaced on several online community forums and blogs. These photos are captured image of Go Jun Hee from when she was 19 years old, playing a small part in MBC sitcom “Nonstop 4.” The revealed images show young Go Jun Hee with long, straight black hair and almost no make up.

She looks rather young and naive, compared to her mature, feminine present self. Also, many netizens have pointed out some subtle differences in Go Jun Hee’s looks. Many argue that although her smile have remained constant, her eyes and nose do not look the way they do now. Others argue that different styles of makeup caused her to look so different from her 19-year-old self. 

Netizens commented, “I don’t think this is just about long hair and short hair,” “Her nose definitely changed. Its shape changed a little bit, for the better,” “It’s the makeup. I’ve seen women who make their eyes look twice bigger with the power of makeup,” “I thought she was a completely different person,” “Honestly, she looks unrefined and unsophisticated,” and “She’s aged, matured, lost some baby fat in her face, and changed her makeup style.”