MBC Music Core 04.20.13 – Weekly Winner Format Returns

This week’s episode of Music Core was the first for the new fixed hosts SHINee’s Minho, actress Kim So Hyun, and Noh Hong Chul.

Former hosts TaeTiSeo introduced the new voting system that will select the weekly winner.

This week came down to Infinite vs. K.Will. After some confusion with their screen graphics, it was announced that Infinite had actually won.

K.Will, who was just about to start his winning “thank you” speech, took it pretty well and laughed it off with the others on the stage.

Set list:

♬ Goodbye Stage
ZE:A 5 – “The day we broke up”

♬ HOT Stage
K.will – “Love Blossom”
INFINITE – “Man in love”
Davichi(feat. SPEED Tae-woon) – “Be Warmed”
Girl’s day – “Expect”

♬ Sound-holic
Seo In-guk – “With laughter or with tears”
Jay Park – “JOAH”
15& – “Somebody”
LADIES’ CODE – “Bad Girl”

♬ New Song
LEE HI – “Rose”
Electroboyz(feat. After School Nana) – “Ma Boy 3”
Geeks – “How are you?”
C-CLOWN – “Shaking Heart”
Delight – “Mega Yak”

*Individual YouTube performances will be added as they become available.*

ZE:A Five


Girl’s Day



Jay Park

Seo In Guk

Lee Hi


Ladies’ Code





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