[SNS PIC] Minho Trusts Taeyeon For His Manicure Needs

Ever wonder what stars do backstage to keep themselves entertained? Well apparently getting your nails done is one option.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon busted out her bottles of nail polish and started working on SHINee Minho‘s nails while the two were hanging out in the waiting room of one of the broadcasting stations that bring you live music shows like “Music Core.”  

On April 20, Taeyeon posted a photo of Minho receiving a manicure on Instagram with the caption, “This is Minho, who always makes an adorable fuss whenever I see him. Good luck with your MC duties on ‘Music Core’! And by the way, that suit looks flattering on you, Minho!”

Taeyeon’s sisterly doting on Minho drew envy from her fans who commented, “Your relationship makes me jealous”, “It’s adorable how Taeyeon acts like Minho’s older sister” and “They look adorable together.” 

In related news, Minho began his MC duties on “Music Core” along with Noh Hong Chul and Kim So Hyun starting April 20. 

By the way, who remembers this adorable pair from “Salamander Guru & The Shadows”