Roy Kim Holds Guerrilla Concert at Namsan Tower

Superstar K 4’s winner Roy Kim will be holding a guerrilla concert at Namsan Tower on April 21. On April 20, Roy Kim wrote on his twitter, “Let’s meet here on April 21 at 3pm.” He posted a picture showing a lock with the words, “Roy Kim’s album is great.”

In the picture, you can see all these different locks hanging. This is an attraction at Namsan Tower. There is a wall full of locks with messages from all kinds of people.

Later on April 20, Roy Kim posted another tweet with the words, “Spring that we search for. Roy Kim’s spring gift will be given on Sunday at 4pm.” The tweet was accompanied by a picture of a teddy bear that is the symbol for Namsan Tower’s teddy bear museum.

In the morning of April 21, he tweeted again “If you still don’t know where the guerrilla concert after this tweet, I guess you are not destined to come.” This time, the tweet was accompanied by a picture of Namsan Tower.

Meanwhile, Roy Kim’s first single album will be released on April 22. At the guerrilla concert he will reveal his new single “Spring Spring Spring.”