[SNS PIC] miss A Suzy Posts Adorable Pictures of Herself in Front of Food Bus

miss A Suzy fans are awesome indeed! It looks as though her fans prepared food for the staff filming “Gu Family Book.” (Currently Suzy plays one of the main characters who is named, Dam Yeo Wool) Suzy tweeted on April 20, “I’m so excited. Baechimi Suzy. (Baechimi is the name of her fan club), Home Bae Suzy, Bapo Suzy. Thank you for the fans who have gathered money. We ate the food very well. The staff members were so happy that I was beaming. Thank you, really.”

Suzy posted a picture of herself in front of the food bus looking very happy. The bus reads, “Dam Yeo Wool who throws swords and arrows, is also throwing food.” (In Korean, “throwing food” is the same word as buying food)