Lee Tae Sung Seduces Women While Shirtless For “Men’s Health”

Ladies, wouldn’t you agree that there is nothing sexier a man can flaunt than a defined set of abs? Well actor Lee Tae Sung has decided to bare his own for the good of all female kind. And God bless him.

If you would like to ogle at more photos of Lee Tae Sung shirtless, you can check out the June issue of Korea’s Men’s Health magazine. The actor is currently filming the MBC drama “Gold, Appear!” as the second son Park Hyun Joon. 

Korean media outlets circulating photos of Lee Tae Sung’s glorious abs have labeled them as “CG Perfect.” How would you rate them? Did you notice he has a winged tattoo aligned with his happy trail? Way to be subtle there, Lee Tae Sung.