K.Will Maintains Composure Despite “Music Core” Error

On April 20, MBC‘s “Show! Music Core” made a mistake while announcing the winner that week for the first time in seven years, placing K.Will and Infinite in quite an awkward situation.

On that day, K.Will and Infinite stood on stage together while the points were being calculated on the screen to determine the winner for that week. According to sources, the results on the screen were erroneous when they announced K.Will as the winner. 

When K.Will accepted his trophy and began his award acceptance speech, MC Noh Hong Chul interrupted him by apologizing profusely and explaining the mishap, “It looks like there was a mistake. There were actually some votes from real time messaging that weren’t taken into account. The winner is actually Infinite. K.Will, we sincerely apologize. When you run a live music program, it looks like you run into problems like this.”

K.Will immediately assured everyone that it was okay and handed the trophy to Infinite with great composure saying, “It’s alright. Infinite, I love you guys.” And upon receiving the trophy, Infinite turned to the camera and said, “We’re a little thrown off by this, so we don’t really know what to say. This award means a lot to us, so we’re really happy. Thank you to our fans and our agency – we love you all.”