New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 April Week 3

C-Clown mini-album Vol. 3 – Shaking (released)

01 Hell Yeah! (Intro)
02 Shaking
03 Far Far
04 Was Like That Then (feat. Ali)
05 So Pretty

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C-Clown, who has been coming before fans with their unique style, has returned once more with their third mini-album titled “Shaking.” The title track is “Shaking,” a Rado production with the help from members Rome and T.K. It is a medium-tempo dance track with an addictive guitar line and lyrics about being confused about what to do even in the process of breakup. Fans will be able to see an upgraded version of the boys through this album.

DICKPUNKS mini-album – Viva Primavera (April 25)

01 Star
02 Viva Primavera
03 Newyorker
04 Astigmatism
05 Answer Me
06 When I Go to the Pharmacy

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Superstar K4’s DICKPUNKS releases a new mini-album this year titled, “Viva Primavera.” The title track is of the same name and is a song about love, achieving dreams, and the future. The members are responsible for composing and penning the songs in this album.

UBeat 1st mini-album – Should’ve Treated You Right When I Had You (April 25)

01 Intro
02 Should’ve Treated You Right When I Had You
03 It’s Been a Long Time
04 Standing Still (Remix)
05 Can’t Breathe (Remix)
06 Missing You
07 Party All the Time (Remix)
08 Sweety Girl (Remix)
09 Because I Love You
10 Should’ve Treated You Right When I Had You INST
11 It’s Been a Long Time INST

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U-Kiss’ first subunit group, UBeat, releases their first mini-album, “Should’ve Treated You Right When I Had You.” The three member group joins hands with the Brave Brothers, making this album all the more anticipated by fans. The title track is “Should’ve Treated You Right When I Had You,” an R&B slow-tempo, hip-hop number. It holds lyrics about breakup and wishing one could have done so much more for one’s ex-lover.

Hong Dae Kwang – Distancing (released)

01 Intro
02 I Just Like You
03 Saying Goodbye With a Smile
04 You See…
05 Goodbye (with Soyu of Sistar)
06 Distancing
07 Outro
08 Confession

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Vocalist and now singer songwriter, Hong Dae Kwang talks about his person love life through his first mini-album, “Distancing.” These love stories ranges from the beginning of love all the way to breakup. There are a total of eight songs including the titular, “Distancing” as well as previously released number, “Goodbye,” featuring Sistar’s Soyu.

Ailee (single) – Strawberry Extreme Festival Part 1 (released)

01 Lover’s Scent
02 My Shy Love

Ailee is the first artist to release a new single for the upcoming Strawberry Extreme Festival, which will take place this June. This four-day event will showcase famous artists along the likes of Baek Ji Young, Broccoli You Too, and Dok2. This single’s title track is “Lover’s Scent,” a swing jazz number about two lovers dancing. Marco and Jung Da Wun are responsible for composing this number.

Kim Tae Woo (single) – Hitman Project #4 : A Tribute To The Hitman, David Foster (released)

01 Goodbye
02 Goodbye
03 Goodbye INST

Kim Tae Woo is the fourth artist to take part in the Hitman Project, a tribute to world known producer, David Foster. The title track is “Goodbye,” one of Foster’s well-known tracks which was part of the soundtrack for the movie, The Promise.” Kim Tae Woo’s powerful vocals are showcased in this medium-tempo number.

4men (single) – Thank You (released)

01 Thank You
02 Thank You INST

4men releases a sweet love number this spring titled, “Thank You” in midst of a new mini-album, which will be released in May. This medium-tempo R&B track holds lyrics about being thankful for one’s lover who is by his side.

Gavy NJ (single) – Breakup Theatre (released)

01 Breakup Theatre
02 Breakup Theatre INST

Vocal group, Gavy NJ makes a comeback with a brand new digital single, “Breakup Theatre.” It is a sad number of the swing genre with lyric about a woman who feels hurt after breaking up with her lover.

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