Song Ji Hyo’s Chemistry With Lee Sang Yoon Leaves Gary Jealous in the Backseat

“Monday Couple” Gary and Song Ji Hyo have been winning over fans for their cute banter and chemistry on SBS variety show “Running Man.” But whenever a guest comes on the show, the “Monday Couple” hopelessly falls prey to the same insecurities that befall real life couples. This time the culprit in Gary’s eyes was guest Lee Sang Yoon, who could not stop laughing in the passenger seat while Song Ji Hyo fended off Gary’s barbed yet adorable remarks about being moved and forgotten about in the backseat. 

It all started when Song Ji Hyo admitted with both men in the car, “Lee Sang Yoon is definitely different from most men” which caused Gary to suddenly sit up straight and protest, “Hey! Song Ji Hyo..” The chemistry unfolding between the trio proved to be interesting, as Lee Sang Yoon had played the role of Song Ji Hyo’s first love in a movie before.

Once talk of Gary being picked as the best looking guy on “Running Man” by Lee Bo Young came up, Gary offered, “How could I ever betray you on Mondays?” to which Song Ji Hyo replied, “Last week you seemed to be getting along pretty well with Lee Yeon Hee.” 

Gary defended himself by saying, “Hey…I feel some jealousy today as well” referring to Lee Sang Yoon’s presence. Song Ji Hyo had the last say however, when she rebuffed his commented with, “Don’t make me laugh. Sang Yoon and I have always been close” to which Gary meekly replied, “Oh, Really?” and became quiet in the backseat.