Yoon Hoo Tells His Father He Has An Untreatable Condition on “Dad, Where Are you going?”

Former member of Vibe, Yoon Min Soo recently shared a heartwarming scene with his son while playing doctor.

On the latest episode of “Dad, Where Are You Going?” Yoon Min Soo let his son Yoon Hoo wear a mask which inspired a game of playing doctor. While lying on his back, he acted as the patient saying to Yoon hoo, “Doctor, this hurts a lot. Please give me treatment. My waist especially hurts.” Yoon Hoo then began his diagnosis by asking, “Did you give your son a piggyback ride by any chance? I see that your bone has been fractured.”

Yoon Min Soo replied, “Yes, I gave my son a lot of piggyback rides today.” Yoon Hoo then completed his diagnosis by saying, “I’m sorry, this is something I cannot treat” and apologized. Yoon Min Soo protested playfully saying, “Why can’t you fix it? My son is very chubby” causing Yoon Hoo to turn a few shades pink from embarrassment.