[BTS] IU Kindly Helps Junior Group History With Debut Preparation

It’s always great to see seniors in the same label helping out their juniors.

On April 22, Loen Entertainment uploaded a short video on its official Youtube channel titled “History BTS (Behind the Scenes #1 – IU Recording Sketch.” Judging from the number in the video title, fans will be able to see more short behind-the-scenes clips before the group releases it’s official debut album on April 26.

In the short minute clip, IU is seen doing many takes going over a few phrases. Loen Entertainment stated, “Even though she’s busy due to drama filming, IU took time out of her busy schedule to help her juniors out and willingly participate in their album’s title track. Please look forward to their debut.”

Don’t forget to click the CC option for English subs! Check out her involvement below: