Song Ji Hyo Kicks Haha Out of Anger on “Running Man”

Don’t get Ace Song Ji Hyo angry. She can give a good swift kick if the situation calls for it.

On the most recent broadcast of SBS’s variety program “Running Man,” which was shown on April 21, there was a hide-and-seek game where the members were paired off and attached together by paper bracelets.

Haha teamed up with Song Ji Hyo and Yoo Jae Suk’s team to defeat Kim Jong Gook and Lee Kwang Soo. After they accomplished their goal, Haha immediately turned on the former team and got them out of the race so he could win the race

Haha quickly said, “Ji Hyo, I’m sorry. But it can’t be helped.” Song Ji Hyo didn’t take his apology, but instead took off her hat and gave him a couple swift kicks aimed at his behind to ease her anger.

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