T-ara N4: “We Will Show Comic and Bizarre Sides of Ourselves”

Recently on April 22, the new unit group of T-ara, T-ara N4 revealed the filming set of their upcoming music video for “Countryside Life.”

During the interview at the filming set Eunjung talked a bit about their upcoming concept. She stated,“In the past we showed off a pretty girl group image for songs such as ‘Roly Poly’ or ‘Lovey Dovey.’ However, this time we are going to go for a different image. The name of our title single is ‘Countryside Life’ and through our performances or music video, I think we will be able to show off our comic sides.”

Hyomin added, “For ‘Countryside Life’ we joined in on the discussions for the music video or costume concepts. We participated a lot in the music video especially. We gave some ideas where we ended up going too far sometimes. We showed off comic and bizarre sides of ourselves.”

“Countryside Life” will be revealed on April 29. The song is a funky dance song that has hip-hop elements.