One Korean Professor Calls PSY’s Gentleman, “Pornographic Hallyu”

The professor Jung Hee Jun gave his thoughts on the radio that added even more to the current controversy going on regarding PSY’s “Gentleman” music video. The professor was one of the ones that played a big part starting the flames of the controversy. On April 18 the professor wrote an article on the website “Pressian” with the title “PSY’s Pornographic Hallyu, Are You Proud of It?” The article currently has 10,957 comments as of April 22. (KST)

The Professor appeared on the CBS Radio show “Kim Hyun Jeong’s News Show.” Regarding the hateful comments that he is getting he stated, “I heard that you live longer if people curse at you. I think I will live for a long time. I think I will live eternally because all of the interest from so many people.”

He also stated, “Many people have asked me ‘Why don’t you just enjoy b-class culture?’ However, culture is stronger than a gun. If PSY has freedom of expression, so do I.”

Professor Jung criticized the nation for blindly supporting the music video, and the press for continuing to broadcast its success. He warned that a totalitarianism effect was occurring. He stated, “Just as the press continuing to cover ‘Gentleman’ is problematic, it is also problematic that the press keeps making articles about the amount of clicks that the music video is receiving.” He added, “It is hard to have a sound discussion or criticize something in our society. It is wrong to curse somebody for giving criticism.”

Professor Jung also stated, “I don’t want to be so against lasciviousness or B-class culture. However, the music video is embarrassing to watch with my family. It is a music video that I don’t want my middle-school son to watch.”

Professor Jung stated that he does not mind when love between a man and a woman is expressed or if it is a bit lewd. However, he has issue when women are overtly made into sexual objects. He also has issue with the fact that Korea as a whole is supporting a music video that is lewd.

He ended the interview stating, “I find our nation funny. This nation that is crazy over ‘PSY’s pornography, that has press that counts up YouTube clicks and provides live coverage. A nation that thinks its dignity depends on a Billboard Chart ranking.”