Davichi’s Lee Hae Ri Spent Stressful Rookie Period Being Compared to Kang Min Kyung

On the most recent episode of KBS “Talk Show Hello,” Davichi appeared as celebrity guests and shared their stories.

On this episode, a female college student in her early 20s appeared as a guest with concerns, stating that she is struggling because she’s continuously compared to her pretty younger sister.

Upong hearing the guest’s story, the MCs turned to Davichi and asked, “Have you ever had a similar experience where you were compared to someone else? And did it make you feel bad, sorry, or angry?”

Davichi’s Lee Hae Ri responded, “Why are you guys asking the question looking directly at me?” and added nonchalantly, “Now I’m okay with everything. But when we first made our debut, everyone kept telling me that I must be a really good singer, suggesting something about my appearance. It was very stressful in the beginning of my career, especially because I was constantly compared to Kang Min Kyung in terms of our different looks, but I was also mentally prepared for it and got over it eventually.”