Han Seung Yeon Talks About Burden of Being Compared to Kim Tae Hee

On the most recent episode of MBC “Section TV Entertainment News,” reporter Park Seul Ki visited Kara‘s Han Seung Yeon, Kang Ji Young, and actor Lee Min Ki at a photo shoot for an apparel brand.

During this interview, reporter Park Seul Ki commented on Han Seung Yeon’s resemblance to Kim Tae Hee, “You are currently working with Kim Tae Hee. I know that you’ve garnered much attention in the past as a ‘Kim Tae Hee look alike.'” 

Han Seung Yeon laughed bashfully and responded, “I’ve heard from others repeatedly that Kim Tae Hee is so pretty that she’ll make anyone standing next to her to look like a squid. So I got all nervous before I started filming with her. I still am. It’s very burdensome to be compared to her.” 

When reporter Park Seul Ki complimented Han Seung Yeon’s looks, “No, you’re no less pretty than she is,” Han Seung Yeon got up from her seat and bowed to Park Seul Ki constantly. Meanwhile, Han Seung Yeon is currently starring in SBS “Jang Ok Jung” with Kim Tae Hee and Yoo Ah In