Song Hye Gyo Faithfully Volunteers to Help Abandoned Dogs for 3 Years

On April 21, Korean Animal Rights Advocates (also known as KARA) posted a photo of Song Hye Gyo on its twitter account and commented, “April KARA volunteers. Hye Gyo, that wind blows. Song Hye Gyo joined KARA for our volunteer work and we have completed our mission. Great work, everybody.”

The uploaded photo shows Song Hye Gyo picking up trash, wearing a baseball cap, mask, and a blue disposable work outfit, without acknowledging the camera in front of her taking pictures. A representative of KARA explained, “Song Hye Gyo has been volunteering with us for the past three years. Unless she has some other specific plans, she spends much of her time with the abandoned dogs and works without complaining about all the physically demanding labor.”