Lee Young Ae Reveals Her Lovable Twins through Elle

Lovely actress Lee Young Ae revealed her gorgeous twins through a photo shoot for the first time ever for the May issue of Elle magazine.

Lee Young Ae modeled for Gucci in this photo shoot with the iconic “Flora” theme. Gucci’s “Flora” was first modeled by Grace Kelly in 1966 and is a timeless collection that is famous for being passed down from mother to daughter.

Lee Young Ae took the fashion history of the mother-daughter bond to heart as she posed with her twins in an affectionate and lovable manner, which truly showed her maternal beauty.

Lee Young Ae also sports pieces from the 2013 Cruise and S/S collection from Gucci, perfectly expressing the simple yet elegant feeling of a spring lady. Her children are also wearing pieces from Gucci’s children collection.

During the interview, Lee Young Ae spoke about being the ambassador of cultural heritage and how she realized the value of it even more, after ending her most famous work, “Dae Jang Geum.” She also shared her experience with the “My Love Cultural Heritage Campaign,” which was held by both Gucci and the Korean Nationalist.

Lee Young Ae commented, “As a mother of two lovable children, I want to be an addition to protecting our beautiful traditions and cultural heritage that our ancestors gave to us for the next generation. As this campaign will happen with the participation of many citizens, I hope many people can join in on protecting the beauty of our cultural heritage.”

She also spoke about her current life by saying, “I still have dreams and aspirations as an actress but I’m so content and thankful for living a normal and balanced life with my family.”