Do You Know Your Delicious but Unhealthy Korean Street Food? Part 1

A lot of popular Korean food is actually found on its streets! Whether it is a “Pojang Macha” or any other type of food vendor, these delicious foods can be find all over South Korea! (Remember though, these foods are not very healthy)

1. 순대 – Sundae

Sundae is a Korean dish made of cow or pig’s intestines that are stuffed with noodles, barley, pork blood, scallions, and etc. In a sense they are very similar to sausages. Sundae is often eaten together with Tteokbokki. Sundae is often sold on street vendors in South Korea.

2. 오뎅 – Odeng

Odeng is a favorite food at Pojang Machas. It is a type of fish cake or fish sausage, but it might be easier to think of it as a type of fish ball that is elongated. The broth from cooking the odeng is often used as soup.

3. 떡볶이 – Tteokbokki 

This is a popular Korean snack that is made of rice cake, meat, eggs, seasoning, and spicy sauce. The common form of “Tteokbokki eaten now is very spicy but in the past it was more of a stir-fried dish made with soy sauce and beef.

4. 족발 – Jokbal (Pig’s Feet)

Jokbal literally means “Pig’s Feet.” It is a popular dish eaten while drinking Korean alcohol. Just like it’s namesake the food is pigs’ feet cooked with soy sauce and spices.

5. 붕어빵 – Boong Uh Bbang (Goldfish Bread)

Boong Uh Bbang (Literally goldfish bread) is simply red bean stuffed bread shaped like goldfish! This is a favorite Korean dessert sold on the streets especially in colder weather.

6. 닭발 – Dak Bal (Chicken Feet)

Chicken feet is a favorite “Pojang Macha” food eaten with soju. Chicken feet are basted in hot red pepper sauce and grilled.

7. 계란말이 – Gyeran Malee (Korean Egg Roll)

This popular dish is served in most soju places in South Korea. It is an egg omelette made into the shape shown above.

8. 오삼불고기 – Osam Bulgogi (Squid pork spicy stir fry)

If you enjoy Korean food you probably already know about bulgogi. (Grilled marinated beef) Osam bulgogi is a mixture of squid and pork belly that is stir fried in red pepper paste with garlic and onions. (The O is from Ojingeo or squid. The Sam is from Samgyeopsal or port belly.)

9. 오돌뼈 – Oh Dol Ppyeo (Pork Bone)

This dish is pork bone. The original Oh Dol Ppyeo was cooked bone on samgyepsal. (Korean style pork belly meat) This dish is cooked with spicy pepper paste.

10. 닭똥집 – Dak Ddong Jib (Chicken Gizzard)

The chicken gizzard is a popular dish that is eaten with soju in South Korea. (Koreans love their internal organs!) This food is very good at absorbing alcohol content. If you are feeling adventurous in South Korea, you should try it out!

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