Lyn Releases Teaser Clip for “Breakable Heart”

A teaser clip of Lyn‘s title track “Breakable Heart” in her upcoming album has been released.

In the teaser, a woman is underwater, looking fragile and in pain. Lyn’s agency commented, “The filming method for this video was unique as it was taken underwater.”

The teaser also shows Lyn singing a few lines of “Breakable Heart” with pleading eyes and emotionally charged voice, which is raising anticipation for the music video even more.

“Breakable Heart” will be Lyn’s title track that will be included in the first part of her 8th official album. It is co-produced by Duble Sidekick and Lyn herself. BEAST‘s Yong Jun Hyung will be featured on the track.

Lyn will be releasing “Breakable Heart” along with two other tracks on April 26.

Check out the teaser below: