Yoon Hoo Adorably Poses with Puppies for Lemon Tree Magazine

One of the most popular celebrity’s kids at the moment, Yoon Hoo, has recently posed with adorable puppies for a photo shoot.

Singer Yoon Min Soo‘s son Yoon Hoo posed for Lemon Tree magazine for a pet campaign. It is said that the photo shoot took place in a comfortable, bright and fun atmosphere.

On this day, Yoon Hoo was said to be following around the puppies, calling each of them by their names all day. He even asked the puppies, “Aren’t you guys hungry?” and gave them some of his own cookies.

When his mother asked Yoon Hoo, “Aren’t you afraid of the dogs?” he answered, “They are all nice puppies. I’m not scared at all,” which received him many compliments from the staff.

Sources from Lemon Tree commented, “We were worried because there was a big dog on set but Yoon Hoo was so good with the dogs that the photo shoot went very well.”

Yoon Hoo’s pet campaign photo shoot will be included in the May edition of Lemon Tree.

Meanwhile, Yoon Hoo and his father’s heartwarming play-doctor scene on “Dad! Where Are We Going? made headlines this past weekend.