[SNS PIC] Kwanghee Copies Singer Seo In Young’s Casual Look

On his Twitter on April 21, group ZE:A’s Kwanghee uploaded two photos along with a message, “Oh! In Young noona! We are wearing the same outfit. It was really hard to find your exact outfit. We are the fashionista sibling, right? Please answer me, noona.”

In the first picture is singer Seo In Young wearing matching white top and bottom, and long sleeved plaid shirts. She is sitting on a chair in a relaxed manner. In the second photo, Kwanghee is sporting a very similar outfit and posing in a similar fashion.

To Kwanghee’s message, Seo In Young re-tweeted, “Kwanghee, good job in finding everything including the sneakers.”

Fans that saw these pictures commented, “They look great with their ‘couple look,’” “This is so funny,” “How did he find the exact outfit?”