“Little PSY” Hwang Min Woo Releases “Gentleman” Parody Video with OFFROAD

“Little PSYHwang Min Woo does it again as he releases a “Gentleman” parody video featuring the rookie idol group, OFFROAD.

After rising to fame by appearing in PSY’s “Gangnam Style” music video, Hwang Min Woo decided to walk on his own path to becoming a young artist. In the “Gentleman” parody video, Hwang Min Woo exhibits his signature charisma and exceptional dance skills.

The rated-R themes of PSY’s original “Gentleman” video were excluded from this parody. Many celebrities made appearances such as OFFROAD and Kim Gura‘s son, Kim Dong Hyun.

Attention was also brought to the fact that the “no parking” cone was not kicked in this parody. PSY kicking the “no parking” cone in his “Gentleman” music video was one of the reasons why KBS deemed it unfit for broadcast.

On April 23, Hwang Min Woo tweeted, “I did a parody of Uncle PSY’s ‘Gentleman.’ Uncle PSY, I hope you get 10 billion views! Uncle PSY fighting! I’m cheering for you!”

Check out Hwang Min Woo’s hilarious and cute parody music video of PSY’s “Gentleman” below!