[Teaser] Son Dam Bi Featured in HISTORY’s Debut MV

Loen Entertainment’s upcoming boy group drops the silly act and transforms into suave men in suits.

On April 24, HISTORY’s music video teaser for debut track “Dreamer” was released. To the surprise of viewers, Son Dam Bi made a short appearance in the teaser. It’s only a guess if she has a bigger role in the full music video. IU’s voice also makes a special appearance. Her involvement was previously revealed through the first behind-the-scenes clip.

The director in charge of this music video also headed music videos of IU’s “Good Day,” “You and I,” Ga In’s “Bloom,” Infinite’s “Be Mine” and “Paradise.”

Loen Entertainment stated, “The public will be able to witness the members’ charms through ‘Dreamer’ music video. As it approaches their debut day [April 26], the boys can’t hide their anticipation and excitement. They are giving their all each and every day so please cheer them on when they debut.”