miss A Suzy Reveals Shoulder Line on “Gu Family Book”

miss A’s Suzy recently showed off her critical charms through MBC’s “Gu Family Book.” Stills were revealed from a scene on the April 22 episode of the highly popular drama. In the drama Suzy’s character, “Dam Yeo Wool” is showing her shoulder line and beautiful skin!

In the scene, Dam Yeo Wool was treating her injuries with her outer clothes off. Suzy shines through and through because of her signature innocent beauty! For this particular scene, Suzy had to stay in the cold for over an hour without her outer clothes on. Despite the cold, she did not lose her smile.

If you have not had the chance yet, don’t forget to watch MBC’s “Gu Family Book” which stars Lee Seung Gi and Suzy. The drama broadcasts every Monday and Tuesday at 10pm.(KST)