[Gallery] Park Han Byul Looks Stunning for BLU PEPE

Wow! Park Han Byul definitely looks stunning! Through her summer photoshoot with BLU PEPE she showed off her beautiful body. The photoshoot for the 2013 summer lineup took place in Seoul and China. Park Han Byul was shown in various active and dynamic backgrounds and poses. Park Han Byul has been the exclusive model for BLU PEPE since 2012. (That is why we have decided to show you the pictures of her previous season lineup photshoots including the summer photoshoot for 2013!)

Her 2013 summer BLU PEPE photoshoot can be seen on the website (www.bluepepe.co.kr) and catalog.

First, here are the photos from her Summer 2013 photoshoot! 

Here are the photos from her Spring 2013 photoshoot! 

Here are the photos from her Fall/Winter 2012 photoshoot! 

Here is a photo from her Summer 2012 photoshoot!