Uee Shows Off Her Body for H:CONNECT

After School’s Uee recently appeared in a summer photoshoot for H:CONNECT. In the photoshoot she showed off her skinny bodyline, which signaled the return of one of the most beautiful K-Pop goddesses.

Uee’s photoshoot was quite interesting. In each picture, she is shown with different attire, but the background is the same. Usually, you will see photoshoots with blank backgrounds or different backgrounds. However, in this background, is a block that is introducing H:CONNECT with the words “H: Connecting to the Edge of Fashion.”

H:CONNECT is a stylish and modern contemporary SPA brand. (Specialty retailer of private label apparel, such as UNIQLO, ZARA, H&M, and The Gap) On May 3, H:CONNECT opened their first large flagship store in Gangnam. This marked their beginning as an SPA brand.