DICK PUNKS Release “VIVA Youth” Teaser

Wow, it looks like the rivals from Super Star K 4 are really heating things up! Recently the winner of Super Star K 4, Roy Kim released his single “Spring Spring Spring.” Almost as if in response, DICK PUNKS (Second place winners of Super Star K 4) released their teaser for their album title single “VIVA Youth.”

DICK PUNKS’ agency TNC Company released the teaser on their official website, YouTube, and music download websites.

The single “Viva Youth” has sweet lyrics of someone going to meet their lover. It also contains a positive image that is supposed to cheer on and give hope to the young generation.

The first mini album “VIVA PRIMAVERA” will be released on April 25. The music video for “VIVA Youth” will be released on this day as well. DICK PUNKS will be having an exclusive concert on May 25.