[Gallery] Son Dam Bi Looks Sexy and Mesmerizing for BAZAAR

Son Dam Bi looked sexy and mesmerizing for her recent photoshoot with the fashion magazine BAZAAR. In the photoshoot she gave off very strong and detailed expressions. Son Dam Bi went into the photoshoot with “The mindset that [she] was filming a movie.”

Currently Son Dam Bi is appearing in a lifestyle-mentoring program titled, “Son Dam Bi’s Beautiful Days.”

She stated in the BAZAAR interview, “My image on the stage was very strong, and there weren’t a lot of chances for me to show myself, other than acting in a drama. I am very interested in fashion but the reason why I chose the show ‘Son Dam Bi’s Beautiful Days’ is because I wanted to escape my typecast.”

Currently, she is preparing a new project and Son Dam Bi stated, “It is not easy for a female solo singer to get into acting. I have to act very well in order to escape the image that I am just a sexy concept singer. If my job is a singer, my dream is to become an actress.” 

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