Hello Venus Reveals 2nd Set of Lovely Teaser Images

Girl group Hello Venus revealed their second set of teaser images for their upcoming mini album.

Hello Venus transformed into gorgeous and lovely spring goddesses in these recent images. They show off their innocent and pure charms as they pose in a pretty and white room that shimmers with the sunlight. The images display a more mature and feminine side of the Hello Venus members, making the public excited for their come back.

Hello Venus will come back with their third mini-album, “Do You Want Some Tea?” on May 2. The title track is produced by the team that worked on Orange Caramel‘s “Lipstick” and will incorporate a sampling track from Pachelbel‘s “Canon.” Hello Venus is expected to come back with a bright and energetic image soon!

Meanwhile, Hello Venus garnered a lot of attention for their twin concept photo shoot that was revealed last week.