HyunA and Heo Ga Yoon Make the Perfect Twins for InStyle Pictorial

4minute‘s HyunA and Heo Ga Yoon transformed into a cute pair of twins!

On April 24, InStyle magazine revealed HyunA and Heo Ga Yoon’s first photo shoot together. As this was the first time that only these two 4minute members worked together, they even asked themselves, “Will we look good together?” especially when they found out it was a twin concept.

However, HyunA and Heo Ha Yoon rendered their own worries as useless because they pulled off the twin concept perfectly. The two artists sported the iconic Mod look of the sixties.

Pushing aside their signature charisma and fierce attitude on stage, HyunA and Heo Ga Yoon was said to call each other by their cute nicknames in a playful and friendly manner throughout the shoot.

HyunA and Heo Ga Yoon promised to show the public a new side to 4minute through their come back. They commented, “As we were preparing for the album, we thought of each member’s hair, makeup and clothing concepts ourselves and we’re practicing at least six hours a day.”

HyunA and Heo Ga Yoon’s twin photo shoot can be found in the May edition of InStyle.