Roy Kim Sports Funky Hairstyle in Practice Clip for “Spring Spring Spring”

Roy Kim fans, not only were you gifted with a lovely spring song but now Roy Kim presents to you a practice clip of “Spring Spring Spring.”

The clip shows Roy Kim practicing as he sings and plays his guitar to his self-composed and written song “Spring Spring Spring” in a serious manner. But fans got to see a glimpse of his playful side due to his comic but cute hair style!

Super Star K 4” winner Roy Kim is proving to be quite a success with “Spring Spring Spring” as it swept the music charts when it first was released. Although it has lost its #1 spot to other later releases such as Cho Yong Pil‘s “Hello,” PSY‘s “Gentleman” and Akdong Musician‘s “I Love You,” Roy Kim’s “Spring Spring Spring” is still ranking high on the charts at the moment.

Many critics are praising the song for appealing to a wide range of listeners and the public is enjoying the song’s seasonal theme and catchy tune.

Enjoy Roy Kim’s “Spring Spring Spring” practice clip below!