Son Dam Bi: “I Want to Get Married; I’m Looking for a Boyfriend”

Calling all eligible bachelors! Son Dam Bi is looking to settle down!

Just in time for the wedding season, the most recent episode of MBC Music’s “Son Dam Bi’s Beautiful Days” had MC Son Dam Bi and labelmate Kahi transform into brides-to-be preparing for their big day from start to finish.

Some of the things Son Dam Bi and Kahi went through on the show included how to create a beautiful bodyline, different ways to protect the skin and put together a bouquet, among many others. Both made comments along the lines of “I want to get married “ and “I feel nervous for some reason.”

Son Ho Young made a special appearance as the groom-to-be during the highlight of wedding preparations- the wedding gown fitting. He asked her “When do you want to get married?” She responded, “There are many people around me who are getting married and living happy lives. I’ve been constantly wanting to get married these days.”

Son Dam Bi added, “However, I have to get a boyfriend first. I’m looking for a boyfriend.”

This episode will air on April 25 at 11pm (KST).