miss A’s Suzy Encourages Akdong Musician With Handwritten Letter

Suzy is currently experiencing a career high, but it’s great to see that she’s reaching out to her juniors and cheering them on!

On April 24, SBS aired an interview with the winners of “K-Pop Star 2.” Akdong Musician’s Lee Chan Hyuk shared his feelings about winning the show. “I’m thrilled that we won, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like we did. There are times when we’d think, ‘How did we win this?’”

His younger sister and fellow member Lee Soo Hyun commented, “We constantly think if we qualify to be here. We’re still happy and feel good about winning though.”

It’s also been revealed that miss A’s Suzy gifted them with an autographed CD and a handwritten letter. The letter reads, “It was great to be able to see you guys. Also, congrats on winning. I pray that you’ll become bigger musicians with time and share good music with many people.”

Lee Chan Hyuk, who’s an avid fan of miss A’s Suzy, couldn’t hide his smile from the meaningful letter.