[Gallery] How Much Photoshop Does miss A Suzy Need?

Really, it seems like miss A’s Suzy does not really need photoshop at all! Her “before and after” photoshoot pictures were recently revealed! For the May edition of the fashion magazine Cosmopolitan, South Korea’s sweetheart appeared in a Swarovski summer photoshoot. The concept up of the photoshoot was “A meet with a tropical paradise during a trip into nature.” In the different pictures, Suzy looked beautiful, innocent, and sexy all at the same time!

On one online community, pictures were shown of Suzy’s photoshoot pictures being compared with direct pictures taken of her at the photoshoot set.

In the May issue of Cosmopolitan interviews and photo shoots of other celebrities can be found such as Yoo In NaGo Ara, Kim Hyo Jin, 10cm, and Ivy.

For your viewing pleasure, the high quality pictures from the photoshoot were included below!