Actress Seo Hyo Rim Looking Trendy and Fresh for “Cosmopolitan”

That Winter, The Wind Blows” actress Seo Hyo Rim looked fresh and cute for “Cosmopolitan Korea“‘s latest photo shoot spread featured in their May issue.

The concept for the spread was “New Pop,” featuring the actress wearing themed pop art clothes and bright-colored accessories from the “2013 Sisley Chu-Pop Collection.” The photos were revealed on April 25 and drew great interest from communities online.

The staff from Seo Hyo Rim’s photo shoot praised the actress for her “infectious smile and overflowing, positive energy” that they thought complemented perfectly the concept they were striving to convey with the “2013 Sisley Chu-Pop Collection.” Her characteristic “lively spirit and lovable self” they also said, made it easy to capture the same feel from their photo shoot spread.