Seo In Guk Says He Is Ready to Get Married at a Young Age

Singer and actor Seo In Guk recently talked about who his ideal woman would be and when he would like to get married.

On April 26, Seo In Guk made a guest appearance on the KBS 2TV talk show “Full House” where he spilled his thoughts on the topic of marriage. He revealed, “I actually want to get hitched early. I would not judge a woman by her appearance and I prefer wise women over book smart ones.” 

After hearing Seo In Guk’s vague description about his future wife, MC Lee Kyung Kyu challenged him on it, saying, “Well, I think (female comedian) Park Ji Sun is pretty wise – don’t you?” 

Seo In Guk then hurriedly attempted to correct his previous statement saying, “Is it okay if I take back what I said? I actually think it is more important that when I first meet her, I get good vibes.” He then offered, “However, I do think Park Ji Sun is charismatic.”

When asked about his solo bachelor living situation that is currently being broadcast on MBC‘s “I Live Alone,” he replied, “At first it feels great to have all the freedom that comes with living alone, but after a while it starts to affect the appearance of my living space. I also order fast food delivery a lot so I don’t have a healthy diet.”