Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and Yuri Enjoy a Disneyland Date

On April 21, Seohyun updated the fans on Girls’ Generation’s official homepage. She left the message, “Hello~ This is Seohyun and Yuri. 20th concert from the Japan arena tour! It was our last day~! Kyak!! Can’t believe it’s already the last day~ We all had a great time so we didn’t realize how fast time went~” (special note: In Korean, she used her name as part of the sentence in a cute, joking manner. Instead of -seo yo ending, she used -seo hyun.)

She continued, “This picture was taken on a day we rested and enjoyed a date during a warm spring day. Seo Sparrow and Donald Yul!! The weather difference between day and night has been pretty extreme so please be careful about catching a cold~ Everyone, please enjoy the warm spring and have a great day.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation finished the “2013 Girls’ Generation Arena Tour” in Japan on April 21.