4minute to Host SNL Korea, in School Uniforms?

4minute fans rejoice! First of all, their music video for “What’s Your Name” is expected to be released on April 26. Their new mini album will be released as well. However, there is another bit of exciting news! 4minute will be appearing on tvN’s “SNL Korea.”

A representative of the production team behind “SNL Korea” stated, “4minute is coming back after a year. Even though they are busy because of their schedule, they will be appearing on ‘SNL Korea’ that is one day right after their comeback. Their passion is incredible. They were the ones giving out ideas. They even gave out the idea that they would be appearing in school uniforms. Also, HyunA has watched all of the ‘SNL Korea’ episodes and she is a big fan. 4minute is preparing hard, more than any other hosts of the show. So please, anticipate the upcoming unedited and live comedy show.”

“What’s Your Name” is produced by Brave Brothers and it is supposed to be the “fantasy hip-hop” genre. Their solo teasers are gaining a lot of attention. Put together their teasers have reached a total of 3.6 million views all together.