Infinite’s L Will Release Photo Essay and Debut as Author

Previously, Infinite’s L released a teaser on April 12 titled “L’s Bravo Viewtiful” and many fans were busy scratching their heads trying to guess what it was hinting. Well, the guess is now over!

It turns out that L will release a photo essay titled “L’s Bravo Viewtiful.” It’s a collection from his ninety-three days capturing the world around him. He wants people to see him as not the celebrity L, but just a normal man in his early twenties sharing his story.

Woollim Entertainment stated, “Infinite’s L loves photography to the point that the first thing he purchased after receiving his first paycheck post debut was a camera. He recently has been spending time with professional photographers and is seriously studying the art.”

His agency continued, “[We] Can’t critique his skill and the quality of the photographs, but he has captured the seriousness and honesty of the subjects so please look forward to it.”

L’s Bravo Viewtiful” will be released in May.