Eugene Reveals S.E.S Broke Up Because of SM Entertainment

On April 25, Eugene was the special guest for MBC’s variety talk show “Golden Fishery.” During the show, she opened up about why S.E.S., the first K-Pop girl group from SM Entertainment, broke up.

MC Kang Ho Dong asked her, “Did S.E.S break up because of money?” Eugene answered, “Bada, Shoo and I wanted to renew our contract, but SM wanted to sign us on individually. The first contract was the same situation, so they wanted the same thing for the contract renewal.”

She continued, “Because we couldn’t reach an agreement regarding the contract renewal, we thought, ‘We already reached the top so lets break up when we already have popularity.’ We agreed amongst ourselves to separate.”

Eugene added, “Idol groups these days can do individual promotions while also doing group promotions so they don’t have to break up, but there wasn’t that kind of system during our days. At that time, if we do individual promotions it feels like we’re betraying our members. So we always did everything together as us three. That’s why we decided to break up. If the system was like how it’s now, we wouldn’t have to break up and continued promoting.”