Orange Caramel and 10cm Team Up for New Version of “Hug Me”

According to several sources, Orange Caramel and 10cm will release a collaborative album together in mid-May. The two teams came together for “Re;code” project, which brings together underground and mainstreamartists to create a new paradigm of trend in music.

Orange Caramel and 10cm recently finished recording 10cm’s “Hug Me” together. The original song was released in 2011 and it repeats vocal Kwon Jung Ryul‘s whiney and yet endearing voice singing “Hug me, hug me, hug me, I said hug me.”

Since Orange Caramel and 10cm have such different styles, many fans are expecting to see something new in their collaborative work together. Orange Caramel’s garnered much attention with their young, cute, and lively candy-culture concept and 10cm is known for their sexual and sensual vocals. 

“Re;code” project previously garnered much attention with the collaboration of hip hop duo Geeks and SISTAR‘s So You in “Officially Missing You, Too.” Also, Infinite‘s Woo Hyun worked with singer-songwriter Lucia and Day Break and Sunny Hill came together for this project.