Scooter Braun Thinks “Gentleman” Will Become a Hit

PSY‘s U.S. manager Scooter Braun, who signed him to School Boy Records last year, recently expressed his confidence that “Gentleman” will become a hit. 

On April 26, MTV released a video interview they did with Scooter Braun. In the interview, Scooter observed, “People love to watch that guy dance. He makes people have fun, and I think music should be a release.” 

When asked if he thought “Gentleman” would taste the same level of success as “Gangnam Style,” he replied, “It went number one in 52 countries! So it’s kind of mind-blowing for us. Yeah, but he’s just fun and I think he’s coming to the States starting this week to perform on T.V. I mean, T-Pain said it best on Twitter the other day, ‘That guy has fun.’ Yeah and he represents having a good time, so good for him.”

“Gentleman” only took one week to reach 100 million views on YouTube!

Braun also said, “‘Gentleman’ and its video has the same potential if it keeps moving at it this pace.”