Lee Soo Assures That His Relationship with Lyn is Not a Publicity Stunt

Recently ballad singer Lyn announced her relationship with MC the Max‘s lead singer Lee Soo. With her eight album being released just around the corner, some netizens were wondering whether it was a strategic publicity stunt, “noise marketing” as Koreans call it, to promote her music.

Lee Soo took to twitter to defend his girlfriend. “With respect to the reporters the relationship rumor was the most embarrassing thing to happen to us today. Lyn is a singer that does not need noise marketing. Moreover, we would never do something like that.” 

The singer have used twitter to make important announcements before. After news of their relationship came out, Lee Soo confirmed it by tweeting, “We love each other. Although we are sorry that we could not announce it first, we wanted to be careful…Please congratulate us, those who have been touched by our songs. Thank you. We will live to our best.”