Hwang Jung Eum Updates on Her Boyfriend Kim Yong Joon

Actress Hwang Jung Eum opened about her relationship with Kim Yong Joon

After wrapping the drama “Incarnation of Money” the actress sat down with Newsen for an interview. “It’s so good. Because I put so much effort into it, I think there were good results. I’d like to think my efforts weren’t in vain.” 

 The actress reflected on her younger days. “To speed up you need to just look forward. When I was in my twenties and in the group Sugar, I did a lot of things I regret. I thought I was the best but when Sugar did not do well, I entered a university that was not as prestigious. However if I didn’t have that time, I wouldn’t be here. Suffering when you’re young is fruitful later on.”

Now that Hwang Jung Eum is busy with her activities, restful days are scarce. When asked what she does in her free time she answered, “I enjoy talking to my friends. I didn’t know back then how to rest but now I know how to relieve my stress…I used to not drink but now I like wine.”

As for her boyfriend, Kim Yong Jun, who is now serving in the military? “I see him on his days off…He’s working out and losing weight. Life is good for him.”