[SNS PIC] G-Dragon Looks Sexy With Facial Hair

On April 26, G-Dragon posted on Instagram a photo of him about to chomp on a piece of food with the caption “I like crab!” 

In the black-and-white filtered photo, G-Dragon makes a charismatic expression at the camera while getting ready to down some delicious crab meat. What caught the attention of fans most, however, was G-Dragon’s whiskery face. From the angle the photo was taken, G-Dragon appears to have grown a mustache and a fair amount of chin hair too. 

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “G-Dragon looks sexy with a beard!”, “He’s transformed into a man!” and “Is G-Dragon keeping his beard?”

In related news, G-Dragon recently sprained his ankle while performing in Osaka for his solo world tour “ONE OF A KIND.”