MBLAQ’s Mir is Saved by SISTAR’s Bora on “Real Man”

When male celebrities return from their Korean mandatory military service, they often talk about the importance of being able to contact popular female celebrities. If the male celebrities want to be treated well by their superiors, an easy ticket is proof that they are close with a popular female celebrity.

Well, on the show “Real ManMBLAQ’s Mir is currently in the military receiving similar training. It looks like he was put to the test on the broadcast of “Real Man” that broadcast on April 28. The prior week Mir had bragged that he was very close to a lot of girl group celebrities.

Mir tried to call Kara’s Nicole, SISTAR’s Bora, and Soyu. However, nobody picked up and his superiors began to give him scrutinizing looks. Mir called Bora one more time, and he was saved because she picked up. The phone was handed to a superior who said that he was a big fan of SISTAR. Bora asked that the superiors around the phone sing one of her songs. The superiors sang “Gone Not Around Anymore.”