Jay Park Pulls Through SNL Korea Blooper

Oops! tvN’s SNL Korea made a pretty big mistake on its episode of April 27. For the April 27 show, 4minute were the main guests. Jay Park and 4minute’s Gayoon appeared together in a corner titled “Innocent Jay Park.” (Absolutely hilarious!)

Jay Park acted like a man that was getting set up on a first date with Gayoon. His character is a Korean-American that has recently arrived in Korea and cannot speak Korean well. He continues to make mistakes while speaking Korean and the words that he says are sexual.

At the end of the corner, music is supposed to come to signify that the show is moving on to the next corner. However, no music comes out. Jay Park waits and says, “Why isn’t it ending, where is the band?”

That actually ended up making the corner even more hilarious!